Updates 2005
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Quite a few things going on at MLR recently. We have a new guard shack at the front entrance. We are entering our busy season so please have your cards ready at the gate to make things go more smoothly.
We are still trying to get the permit for Cottage 7. The steel has arrived and once we get permits we will pour the foundation and work on getting it erected. Cottage 7 will sleep 6 people as it will have a loft. We are anxious to get going on it.
We have also procured 9 new paddleboats. These are not the same type as previous boats. Two of the boats have two paddle wheels and 4 people paddle. NEAT!

Easter is upon us. Martin Lake is going to hold it's annual Easter Egg Hunt Sat March 19th at 2:00pm. Bring the kids out to celebrate Easter and dash for eggs. Prizes will be awarded.


Updates 2004



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