Updates 2004
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We have poured 8 sites on Dogwood and have two formed up ready to go. Rain has set us back a bit. We are hoping to have them opened up shortly. They are 50/30 amp, double parking and are the longest sites we have made to date. We also just planted over a dozen new trees. Some Live Oak, Magnolia, and Ash all throughout the park.

Well, we survived the hurricane. Only minor stuff like limbs down and a few leaning trees. We have finished pouring concrete for Azalea. No more dust. We will get back to Dogwood to put in a few more sites. Something new that we are doing over there is some sites with two spots for parking. Should be good for people with multiple vehicles. They will also be 50/30 amp. Sorry about the lack of updates and slow email response. Some of you know I had a baby (now 10 months) and it has put a serious cramp on my free time.

Minigolf is open for playing. We still have to do some landscaping but the main stuff is finished. I'm sure we will continue to work on improving it for years to come.
Some BIG fish have been caught recently out of the lake. I have pictures of the one of them with Toxey. Believe it or not that was the smaller one.

Well, we've poured a ton of concrete. The new road is now open again and the one along the beach is closed. The mini golf is going great. Sid, AJ and Bill have been working on getting the walkways finished. It's rained a lot lately but hopefully it won't slow us too much. -Jay

Got the Easter Pictures put up. Lots of eggs, lots of prizes. We also poured some concrete down the main road. Still got a ways to go. The brick pavers for the mini golf also came in. Lot's of stuff going on! -Jay


We are having the annual Easter Egg hunt Sat. April 3 at 2:00pm. Please come 30 min early to sign up. We are currently working on a new newsletter which should have the times for the rest of this summers events.
The Jacuzzi is currently down. We have a new pump on order for it. Should come sometime this week. Also just bought two more heater elements for it at $250 a pop. -Jay

Some of you already know that we are going to a photo ID system for the new cards. We will contact each member individually to take the picture and all that good stuff. Anyway, I'll keep you posted.

Still haven't poured the last three sites. They are ready but our screed machine had to have it's bearings replaced. So we had a setback. Should be fixed tomorrow and hopefully we pour Fri.
Also, we had a baby boy for those interested.

We've poured two more sites. Not sure when we will be pouring again as my wife is having a baby soon soon.

We have finished with the sites on Dogwood except for sod. The electric was hooked up last week and sod will be soon. We also had some crazy members using the pool this weekend. Brrrrrrr. Not recommended.


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