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We've poured two more sites. Not sure when we will be pouring again as my wife is having a baby soon soon.

Happy Halloween! We've finished with the last minigolf hole and they are ready for carpet and some more landscaping.
We are about to work on pouring a few more sites. Dogwood should be finished soon. AJ, Bobby and Billy have already put in the utilities and the only thing left is the concrete. As you can see I've added a few pictures and also one business to the site.

Well we have had to cut some more trees down. It's because of the pine needles and the mini golf area. We hate losing trees and their shade but they were going to be a maintenance nightmare. We will be planting many trees this fall/spring.
It's been very hot lately and we are looking forward to things cooling down. Fortunately Bobby has been doing a wonderful job keeping the pool up and running this summer. That's one job I do not wish upon anyone.
That's all for now. Try and stay cool and let's hope the hurricanes stay away.

Almost done with hole number 9. It is a pretty complicated hole so it's taking a while. I've also finished quite a bit of brick work in the mini golf area. Stay tuned.

Been working on the mini golf again. It's started to dry up enough so that I could go in and fix the damage the rain had done and then start working on the new stuff. A lot of people want to know when it's going to be finished. If any of you find out, please let me know. I can't wait to be done with it.
4th of July was good this year but the weather wasn't the greatest. We also weren't able to do the fireworks display that we normal do every year. Hopefully next year we will be able to do it.
I updated the classifieds with a camper for sale and a mattress. Both seem like pretty good deals. Check them out and as always let me know if you have anything you want me to put up.

Well, I have a bit of bad news. The rain has slowed the progress of the mini golf to the point where it won't be ready for the 4th. We received over 13" of rain last week. Hopefully things will dry up soon. The other bit of bad news has to do with fireworks for the 4th. As many of you are aware it is getting increasingly difficult to get insurance these days and our industry has been no exception. Our insurance company will not allow us to have a display this year because of liability. We will be looking into other insurance companies in the future but as of right now this is the only company available. We are still planning on having the other activities everyone looks forward to every year. Hopefully next year will be a different story as we do thoroughly enjoy putting on the display. That's all for now, wish I had better news for you.


I know there hasn't been any updates for a while, that doesn't mean we haven't been working. Cottage #6 is up and being rented, and hole #1 is done in the mini golf. The only hole left is #9 but there is quite a bit of work to be done before we can do it. Mostly landscaping work with the brick. We've also put up some posts to keep people from driving and parking on the grass. Here's a few pics.

Well, #7 is done and so is #8. Poured it last Fri. Working on #1 this week and hopefully #9 next week. Been busy on everything so haven't had time to do much for updates. I did update the Easter pictures though. AJ and Tony have been working on the tile for Cottage #6. Things are coming along nicely. Bobby has been doing a nice job for us with the Pool and Jacuzzi. They have been getting quite a bit of use on the weekends. That's it for now. Stay tuned.

The concrete for hole #6 is now finished. We poured it Wednesday. Still quite a bit of work to do on it though.

Took some pictures today of the new curb and finished hole #2.

We poured the 2nd part to hole #2 so it is finished now. We also did the curb for the parking lot. Also, the Road Dept finished taking the temporary culvert out of the ditch. We will work to finish cleaning up the entrance this week.
We've had quite a few people out swimming already. The water is still a bit cool but the weather has been superb.

Well we poured hole #2 today. It looks to be a rather fun hole. Not finished with it yet as it is another 2-story hole (see #4).

Well we finally were able to finish hole #4 and also put in hole #5 last week. If the rain holds off we should pour the first part of #2 tomorrow. Holes #3, #4, and #5 are done. 6 more to go. It is coming together nicely.
Cottage #6: sheet rock is done and we are ready for the next phase. We are excited to get another cottage available for the summer.
Cable contractors are still not quite done with putting in cable so we have a bit of a wait there.
Lynda (with some help) made up the new newsletter and I am working on getting it up on the web page.

Ok I changed things up a little bit. I used to have two groups of emails. One for the Newsletter which was put out about twice a year and also the Updates which I continuously update and send out. Two different groups became a hassle to manage so I am now lumping it together. So some of you are going to wonder why you are receiving this. If you want to be taken off the list let me know. Otherwise I will be sending updates and newsletters to this new combined group. I've also started adding pictures to the updates as well. They are small though to save space. Full size versions of some of the pics will be added to the site under the Pics menu.
Worked on the mini golf today. Delayed because of the rain a couple days. Hopefully we will be pouring concrete Wed. That should finish the 2nd hole and add the 3rd hole as well. Hopefully we will be up before summer hits.
Cottage 6 has been wired for electricity. Sheet rock is next!
CableOne has been working expeditiously at getting cable hooked up. Cabins will have cable but you must bring your own TV. Cottages have TV's in them. The even side of Azalea will have cable and we will probably charge a couple extra dollars for those sites. -Jay

Well, I took some pictures today of the front and put them up in the pictures section. The pictures here are small ones. Go the pictures section to get the full size pics. As you can see we still have a little work removing the temporary entryway. I'll try to keep the pictures coming. - Jay

Got the front entrance done. Much nicer. Now we have to connect the pieces as well as do the entrances to the cottages.

The cable contractors were out today. Looks like we might be getting some sites with cable hookup. Finally, it's only been 3 years since we signed the cableone contract. Oh well.
I decided to leave the last couple updates here for a little while. See you soon.

Well, this will be the last update of the year.We are busy working on the new roads. If you haven't seen it in a while it will be somewhat of a shocker to you. Bear with us until we can get all the roads done. I know the ramps can be a pain. We poured the parking lot and now we are going to the other side by the propane. I'll see about taking some pics soon.
I also added a new camper to the classified section. Check it out.

Much has happened lately. I'm sorry for the lack of updates and pictures lately, I have been focused on the computers lately and my own as well. I'm learning a new program for web development so things are going to take a while before I'm updating as frequently.
We have been pouring a lot of concrete lately. The roads are coming along nicely. Please bear with us as we do this construction. We will try to get it all done before summer hits so most of you won't even notice till next year. I'll get some pictures up as soon as possible. Just to give you an idea of how much concrete we've poured, last months concrete bill was just over $10,000 (that's one month).
AJ is busy painting Cottage #5. Also, make sure if you have relatives or friends that would like to stay with us for the winter that you let us know. We do have winter rates for both Cottages and Cabins. That's all for now. Stay tuned.


Updates 2002



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