The Good Times

 May/June/July/August 2000


Note From Jerry
This summer is going to be an exciting time out at Martin Lake. If you haven't been to the park lately we have added approximately $5,000 worth of new trees, plants and shrubs to beautify your resort. The men's restroom isbeing refurbished and should be ready by the 4th of July weekend. Singing River Electric Co. has started to bury our powerlines underground. Once this is completed, we will be ready to start the center section project. This will include new grills, picnic pavilions, plus our mini-golf and basketball court. Later this year we also plan on starting another row of campsites and our new cabins. I want to thank all members for their patients on some of our project delays.
Thanks again,

Anyone bringing pets to MLR rentals will be required to leave a $50.00 pet deposit when registering. Deposit will be refunded upon checkout if no damage is done by pets. Any member caught with a pet in a rental without a pet deposit will pay a $50.00 nonrefundable charge to MLR. Pets must be on a leash at all times, and owners are responsible to clean up after their pets.
Special note: MLR would like to make all members aware of our checkout policy. Check-in time will be anytime after 2 PM with checkout by 10 AM. This gives our housekeepers time to clean our rentals before being used by other members. Early check-in is possible if the unit has been cleaned. There will be no member allowed with more than eight people in a unit. This can be four adults and four children or two adults and six children. Only four adults will be allowed in one unit at any one time. This will help us maintain the units properly and will help them stay in good working condition. Also just a reminder (when making reservations) please have your MLR member # ready, this helps us in the office.

Guest's Fee's (May - Sept.)

MLR has a $2.00 guest fee for all guests using MLR facilities Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Monday during the months of May through September. This includes guests staying in rental units and RV sites. No guest fees will be charged on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday.

Message From Marc

Summer is always a good time to share special times with family, friends, and the people we love. Martin Lake would like to encourage members to share the membership experience with others, so we have an exciting announcement. Any member that physically brings a couple to Martin Lake through the summer, and they become our newest charter members, MLR will give the inviting member $50.00 plus one year free dues for each family member that joins. Bring two couples and receive $100.00 and two years free dues. Let's help show others why Martin Lake is Mississippi's favorite family resort.
Special Note: Any family rights member that would like access to Coast to Coast Travel, we have a limited amount of discounted memberships with exciting travel benefits. You can add Coast to Coast to your membership at cost plus dues. If anyone is interested in learning more about this program, please call Marc, Jay, or Gil to set up a 30 minute time slot for us to get together.

MLR Extended Stay Packages

MLR is now offering summer time extended Stay memberships. This allows you to camp all summer on the same site. Don't miss out on this one, for information call 875-9157 and ask for Marc or Jay.

4th of July Activities (July 1st)
and Labor Day (September 2nd)

MLR staff planned some great family activites for the holidays. Get your family and friends together for the following.

Sack Races / Paddle Boat Races
Apple Bobbing / 3 - Legged Races
Watermellon Seed Spitting Contest
Water Balloon Toss
Old Fashioned BBQ

Additional activities may be posted at the office. All activities are subject to change.
Note - All 4th activities will be held on Saturday, July 1st this year. So bring your family and friends and come join the fun and see our special Fireworks Display!! (Fireworks will be on Saturday if the burn ban has lifted)
Labor Day festivities will be held on September 2nd this year. It will be a special family day with a special dinner for all. Don't miss it!

Sunday Mornings
Non-Denominational Christian Church
Worship Services starting, led by Cecil Fayard.

Special Message to All Members
Concerning Clubhouse!

Special Thanks to Debbie and all the crafters for the beautiful decorations in the clubhouse.We here at Martin Lake would like to invite any members who would like to help in making holiday decorations for any holiday all year long to contact Debbie at 875-7229. She will be leaving the tree up year round and decorating it, as well as the rest of the clubhouse, in accordance with the current holiday. Any decorations, handmade ornaments or ideas welcome. Come join the fun!

Note From M&M

We have a Lost and Found Department. If you have lost anything while using MLR, such as Jewelry, clothes, eyeglasses, etc. . . Please call me. We also have a class ring found 2 years ago. To pic up an item, just call us and describe the lost item and come down and pick it up.

Large Parties

MLR would like advance notice on all parties of 10 or more guests. We will need a list of guest names and phone numbers for each one in your party. Anyone not on the list will not be allowed to enter MLR facilities. Some of our past parties have found it easier to pay for their guests in advance. This has helped with security to move everyone in as quickly as possible. Please give M&M advance notice.

RV Storage

MLR still has some RV's that haven't been registered. Every member with an RV in storage is required to come to the office and reregister their RV and every 6 months thereafter. If not, it can be considered abandoned property and will be disposed of according to applicable Mississippi State laws.


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