The Good Times

 Jan/Feb/Mar/Apr 2000

Note from Jerry
Three cabins have been remodeled and a fourth one is being remodeled as you read this. The ladies restroom is refurbished and the men's will start being remodeled about March. The center section with grills, picnic pavilions, plus mini-golf and basketball will be started April 15th. We also plan to begin work around May 15th on two new cabins with cable TV and larger facilities. I want to thank all members for their patience regarding mini-golf and basketball. The big problem was never money, as neither is that expensive, but rather where was the best location to fit it into our furure plans.

Thanks again,

P.S. We would like to thank all Martin Lake members for helping make us Mississippi's #1 family recreational resort! Martin Lake has in the last 7 years put approximately 1 million dollars into new improvements and we're not done yet!


Martin Lake Online (
As some of you already know, MLR is on the Internet. We have added a section on member businesses. If you are a business owner send us one of your cards or email us at and we will get you on the web. We are constantly updating the site with new pictures and also the latest news so check us out online!

If you would rather have your newsletter mailed to you via email, please call us and give your email address or email us a note with your member number. The newsletter is online so you can always get it from the website.

Also, Coast to Coast is online. You can visit them at


 Payments and Dues
We have been growing and improving your park by leaps and bounds. Your monthly payments are the lifeblood in this development. Remember, we pay as we go—please, if you can prepay payments and cash out if possible. Make 5 payments--send 6 payment stubs. Pay 5 years annual dues in advance, get the 6th year free. Offers good until 5-1-00.

Payments and dues can be done on a major credit card in person or over the phone. We accept VISA, MC, AMEX, and DISCOVER. If you call please ask for Susan.


Anyone bringing pets into MLR rentals will be required to leave a $50.00 pet deposit when registering. Deposit will be refunded upon checkout if no damage is done by pets. Any member caught with a pet in a rental without a pet deposit will pay a $50 nonrefundable charge to MLR.


Reservation Number
(228) 872-0456
MLR Members now have a special number to call for reservations. This number will be answered Monday through Friday from 10:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. only. This line will be used only for rental and site reservations.

Reservations for rentals on major holidays will be taken 60 days in advance. Members need to call in their reservations for their RV’s as well.


Message From Marc
Just a reminder to all the members who are considering traveling this summer. If you haven't processed your Coast to Coast Travel, it's time to do so now. By adding your travel benefits now, you will be assured of having your new books, cards and everything else needed in time to make your traveling this year exciting. If you want to get more information, please feel free to call me at 875-7229 and ask for Marc or Jay.
Any member wanting to add Coast to Coast don't drag your feet, add it before the cost goes up.


Mardi Gras Parade
MLR will be holding its annual Mardi Gras Parade on February 26 at 2:00 PM. Come early so we can get organized. Prizes will be awarded for best adult and kids float and costume. Fore more information call 875-9157. See you there!


St. Patrick's Day Annual Chili Cook-off
Martin Lake would like to invite all of our chili fans to try an entry in this year's Chili Cook-off Contest to be held in the clubhouse on March 16th. The judging will be at 4PM. Prizes will be awarded.


Easter Parade & Easter Egg Hunt

Come join the party at MLR for our annual Easter Parade and Egg-hunt on April 15th. Prizes will be awarded after the 2 PM parade. Sign up sheets will be posted in the office during the week and at the clubhouse that weekend. Please sign your name and age. For more information ask Debbie or feel free to leave a message at the office. Easter egg hunt will be after the Parade.


Special Message to All Members Concerning the Clubhouse!
Special thanks to Debbie and all the Crafters for the beautiful decorations in the clubhouse. We here at Martin Lake would like to invite any members who would like to help in making holiday decorations for any holiday all year long, contact Debbie at 875-7229. She will be leaving the tree up year round and decorating it as well as the rest of the clubhouse in accordance with the current holiday. Any decorations, handmade ornaments or ideas welcome. Come join the fun!


Note from M&M
We have a Lost and Found Department if you have lost anything while using MLR, such as jewelry, clothes, eyeglasses, etc.… Please call me. We also have a class ring found a year ago. To pick up an item just call us and describe the lost item and come down and pick it up.


Large Parties
MLR would like advanced notice on all parties of 10 or more guests. We will need a list of guest names and phone numbers for each one in your party. Anyone not on the list will not be allowed to enter MLR facilities. Some of our past parties have found it easier to pay for their guests in advance. This has helped with security to move everyone in as quickly as possible. Please give M&M advance notice.


RV Storage
MLR still has some RV's that havent been registered. Every member with an RV in storage is required to come to the office and reregister their RV and every 6 months thereafter. If not, it can be considered abandoned property and will be disposed of according to applicable Mississippi State laws.
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