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Well, this will be the last update of the year.We are busy working on the new roads. If you haven't seen it in a while it will be somewhat of a shocker to you. Bear with us until we can get all the roads done. I know the ramps can be a pain. We poured the parking lot and now we are going to the other side by the propane. I'll see about taking some pics soon.
I also added a new camper to the classified section. Check it out.

Much has happened lately. I'm sorry for the lack of updates and pictures lately, I have been focused on the computers lately and my own as well. I'm learning a new program for web development so things are going to take a while before I'm updating as frequently.
We have been pouring a lot of concrete lately. The roads are coming along nicely. Please bear with us as we do this construction. We will try to get it all done before summer hits so most of you won't even notice till next year. I'll get some pictures up as soon as possible. Just to give you an idea of how much concrete we've poured, last months concrete bill was just over $10,000 (that's one month).
AJ is busy painting Cottage #5. Also, make sure if you have relatives or friends that would like to stay with us for the winter that you let us know. We do have winter rates for both Cottages and Cabins. That's all for now. Stay tuned.


Well Isadore just left the coast here. We'll have some picking up to do. The lake is up about 3 ft. Other than that we made out pretty good.

As for news. Cottage #6 should be shingled shortly. Then it's on inside with the sheet rock. We've done quite a bit of concreting lately. I'm not going to tell you how many thousands of dollars we've spent on concrete so far this year but it's quite a bit. We poured in front of the pool, a stretch of Azalea and two corner pieces to tie them together. Also the parking lot in front of cabins C&D. The asphalt was starting to bust up and we don't want the same thing as we have up by the beach (potholes). Anyway, I'll try to keep you posted. It looks like we're going to go back and pour a couple of more sites then move back to main. As always, your payments and maint. fees are vitally important to getting these things done and we thank you. Have a great weekend! Hope to see you soon.

Well, a lot has gone on since my last update. Finally got Cindy's pictures up from the holiday weekend. Some very good pictures. Thanks to Cindy and Wheeler for their nice job. Hopefully I will get some more pictures up on Dogwood and Cottage #6.
Concrete: We finished the driveway for #5. It's a little different than the previous ones because it is designed to also help with drainage. Cottage #6 is underway and Paul and his crew have been moving right along. The walls and rafters are up as well as the sheathing and vapor barrier. We finished the road Dogwood all the way to it's end a couple of weeks ago and yesterday poured two more sites on it. Next we will be moving to work on concreting Main. I'll keep you posted.

Let's see. Cottage #5 is being rented. It is handicap accessible however the driveway is not finished yet. We have poured the second mini golf hole but still have another little bit to go before it is finished. With all the rain we've been having, I'm shooting for after the fourth. Everything else is going well. We bought the fireworks for Sat. 6th. It looks like I won't be here to shoot them off but AJ and the guys will do a nice job I'm sure. So far, $1000 worth but if anyone would like to donate more that would be great. That's it for now. See you at the lake.

Been working on the web page and there are some problems with the server. You might have trouble viewing the most current version (mostly CableOne customers). Hope to have a fix soon. I'm putting up some new pictures here at there. Some cottage shots and mini golf mostly.
Lets see, Cottage 5 is almost ready to rent. Still have the refrigerator, TV and furnishings to go but the major stuff is done with the building itself. The outside was painted last week and should get a second coat soon.
Mini golf is coming along. Hope to have the second hole poured this week. We'll see how the weather treats us. See you soon.

Well, we poured the first mini golf hole yesterday. My camera was broke and I sent it in to get it fixed. Got it back today and will be taking some pictures of the golf course.
Our tile guy has also finished tiling the floor in cottage #5. The sheet rock is done and the texturing and painting is done as well. The Air-Conditioning guy also finished with the ductwork. I'll be getting some pictures of that as well. That's all for now.

Has it been that long since my last update? I guess so. Well, unfortunately this update is not a happy one. We have had our first drowning since we have owned Martin Lake in over 10 years. A four year old little boy was missing on Sat and later found to have drown.We are deeply saddened by this and encourage everyone to watch their kids closely anytime they are near the water, here or anywhere you may go this summer. Our hearts go out to the family.

The fifth cottage is well underway. It's framed and the roof is on. Still need to get shingles put down. Rain has slowed the mini golf construction and sodding the new sites. Still too wet to cut the sod and too wet to get in the mini golf area with the tractor to spread the dirt.
We are still waiting on getting the cable TV in the cottages and cabins. It's been a year since we first went to CableOne with the order. Yeah, a year! I think there might be some light at the end of the tunnel on it though.
Well we did plant some trees. One Live Oak and an Ash. Still have four left to plant. Let's see, what else. The pool is open as is the jacuzzi. It used to be closed on Tuesdays for cleaning however we might not stick to that schedule much. I'm going to try to keep it open 7 days a week. If that doesn't work I might have to go back to closing it one day a week. Also I think one of the heater elements went out on the jacuzzi so the temp might be below 100 on a cool night until I can get it replaced. I think that's all for now. Oh I'm getting married on Sat the 13th. Wish me luck. :-)

Well, we poured concrete for the 5th cottage Mon. Should have it framed by the end of the week. Also been working hard to get 5 new sites open. Hopefully have them open this week also. I've also put a new motor home in the classifieds. Check it out.

Well, it is truly sad to update you that M&M has passed away. She left us Jan 30. She was truly a unique individual and will be missed.

Well, this is the first update this year. The last update was basically telling you about the north part of Dogwood. Well, we have poured another 210ft on Dogwood and only have about 190ft left. But first we are going to pour some sites. Before Christmas vacation we poured three sites and today we poured two more. Now we are going to work on the utilities for them. We needed to have 5 sites because there are 5 sites per power pole. Shouldn't take long to have them up and running.
Also we formed up a ramp on the bridge down by the bathhouse so that wheelchairs and scooters can go across.
So, what's next? Well, we are going to pour the next foundation for another cottage. Then while Sid and AJ are working on the cottage I will be back on the mini golf.
Speaking of the new cottages, we are now offering cabin package upgrades on memberships. Essentially it includes one free week per year in one of the cottages. For more information, click on the email link below.
That's all for now. Hope to see you soon.

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