The Good Times

Spring 2004 

Easter Egg Hunt

Come join the party at MLR for our annual Easter Parade on April 3. Activities begin at 2 PM, but please come a half hour before hand to sign up. Also, sign up sheets will be posted in the office during the week and at the clubhouse that weekend. Please include your name and age on sign up sheet. Prizes will be awarded after the 2 PM parade. For more information, call the office at 228-875-9157 or email us at (Rain date is April 4th).

Summer Fun Time Events

Memorial Day Picnic- May 22 (Rain Day- May 23)
Fourth of July Picnic- June 26 (Rain Day- June 26)
Labor Day Picnic- Sept 4 (Rain Day- Sept 5)

Martin Lake OL' Fashioned Picnics


MLR staff plans some great activities for the holidays. So get your family and friends together for the following:
Sack Races
Apple Bobbing
Paddle Boat Races
Watermelon Seed Spitting Contest

Additional activities may be posted at the office. All activities are subject to change. Email us with any ideas you have! Volunteers needed, welcome, and greatly appreciated!!

Note From Jerry

I would like to thank all Martin Lake Members for helping make us Mississippi's #'1 family recreational resort!! Martin Lake has made approximately $1 million worth of improvements into the park over the last 10 years, and we’re not even close to done. We have started a new phase of development that includes 2 more cottages with shower/tub combinations. This will bring our total to 8 new cottages and 4 cabins. Television and cable is provided in our cottages. The Mini Golf course is 99.9999% done and we are working to complete it by May 1st. Look forward to an expanded beach/picnic area with grills. Our roads will be different as well, with new cement, plus a new entrance with plants and flowers. This will start around April or the beginning of May. The most exciting development in the works is our playground. Our old center section is going to become a large, beautiful playground with pavilions. This playground is going to be the envy of all the others on the Coast. We can’t wait to get started on it! Hope to see you and your friends enjoying the lake and its amenities this year, and let us apologize ahead of time for all the construction projects going on this summer. -Jerry

Martin Lake Online

As some of you already know, MLR is on the Internet. We have added a section on classifieds. If you are selling something and want us to list it, email for details. We are constantly updating the site with new pictures and the latest news, so check us out!
If you would rather have your newsletter mailed to you via email, please call us and give your email address or email us a note with your member number. The newsletter is online so you can always get it from the website. Also, Coast to Coast and AOR are online. You can visit them at and


MLR Members have a special number to call for reservations-(228) 872-0456.
This number will be answered Monday through Thursday from 9:00 AM. until 6:00 PM. only. This line will be used only for rental and site reservations.
Reservations for rentals on major holidays will be taken 60 days in advance. Please call for RV spot reservations, too. Even though we always have an RV spot for our members, it’s always helpful to know who is coming.


Phone Payments: Both your monthly account payments and yearly dues can now be charged to your credit card, debit card, or checking account over the phone. The Benefits of Pre-paying: The park is always striving to make improvements, and we pay as we go, so we like to give our members deals for prepaying. Make 5 monthly account payments at once, and receive one payment on us. Make 5 years of dues payments at once, and receive one year on us. Automatic Billing: We can now take payments out of your checking account or credit card automatically on a monthly, quarterly, yearly basis. Receive one complimentary payment for setting up autobilling. Call Tara at 228-875-7631 or email for details.


We have 9 rentals for our members to use. The 4 cabins plus the 6 Cottages.
Our Cottages include cable T.V. We require a $10 Deposit for the Remote to be refunded upon return. We also require a $50.00 per pet deposit to be refunded upon checkout inspection. Our Cottages are smoke free. Site Reservations are not required from MLR members but are of course appreciated.

Members and Visitors

We want you to come and see us and have a great time! Bring your family and friends for a day of swimming. Come have a cook out. Celebrate your birthdays, baby showers, or other parties (candle parties, for example) in our recreation hall. There’s lots to do at your resort and we are here to help you make it happen. Call or email for details.

There are a few simple things we ask of you when you come see us:
Use Lifejackets in Boats.
Observe one-way roads.
Observe the 5 MPH speed limit.
Obey posted pool and hot tub rules.
Clean up after my pets.
Do not park on the grass.
Have my Martin Lake ID card when visiting the Resort.

Everyone agrees we all enjoy and wish to encourage continued guest use. Because of the increase in operating costs, we charge a guest fee during the summer months (from May 1st until September 30th). The charges are as follows:
Members and their immediate family - no charge
Pre-school age children (under 6) - no charge
All other guests - $2.00 per day.
Guest fees are charged on Friday, Saturday , Sunday, and Monday